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The Challenge


I’m a storyteller.  I always have been and I always will be.  I use The Sims to help me visualize my characters and their stories.  Eternally Yours is very much a story.  It’s not challenging to me.  It comes naturally.  As such, I can get a little lost in the hum-drum of the day-to-day and I get bored.

So I came up with a Random Legacy/Wishacy Challenge.  A Random Wishacy I suppose.  The Random Legacy Challenge App will ensure that each generation keeps it interesting and the Wishacy portion will be a challenge.  Granted, I’ll never follow even my own rules completely, but it will be fun to try something new for a bit.


  • Each generation must start with a roll of the Random Legacy Challenge App and this will guide how that generation is played.
  • At least 5 generations must be played.
  • All traits for every family member must be chosen at random
  • Heir may be male or female
  • All rolled wishes for the HEIR must be granted.
    • If you want to make it interesting, wishes for all family members may be granted.
  • Heir must go to university
  • Heir can marry any sim (townie or user created) but must meet them randomly and they cannot move-in or marry without rolling the wish.
  • Lifespan may vary but must remain within these limits:
    • Baby: 5-10 Days
    • Toddler: 10-15 Days
    • Child: 15-30 Days
    • Teen: 15-30 Days
    • Young Adult: 30-50 Days
    • Adult: 25-50 Days
    • Elder: 15-30 Days
  • Aging must not be turned off at any time.
  • No cheats!

NOTE: This is not a true Wishacy because I will chose some things for my sims.  I’m going to control them some (because I’m a control freak) but most actions will be left up to wishes or free-will.


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