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Collaborate with SweetPoyzin

Being an “interactive legacy” means that some interaction has to occur.  So I want YOU to be a part of the story!

Do you have a sim, house, pet, lot, or object that you created and you want to see in the story?  Good!  I want to add it to the story!

How to be featured in Thy Will Be Done:

  • Upload your goodies to The Exchange, MediaFire, DropBox, or Google Drive.  Make sure the object can be shared or it won’t do me any good!
  • You may use CC but only from these creators (contact me if you want to use others):
    • PralineSims
    • Marcose
    • Simcredible
    • Around The Sims 3
    • Quizical Gin
    • Cazy
    • ZodaPop
    • Pilar
  • Comment on this post with your link and how you wish to be credited.
  • I will custard check all contributions and I will make the final call on usage.
  • You will retain all rights to your creations.

Once I figure out the logistics of “interactive,” I’d like to have guest writers as well.  I play the game and provide the pictures and you’ve got to move the story along.  Stay tuned for the call!


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