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Other Legacies

Eternally Yours

Follows the love story of a fairy named Lydia and a witch named Victor.  She never wants to grow up because she has all the time in the world.  He desperately wants to settle down and start a family.  Tragedy strikes and causes them to rethink their priorities.  Such is the life of supernatural, star-crossed lovers.

Generation Two told the story of Mollie and Garrett Hanks, their experience raising twins, a struggle with infertility and adoption, and the joy of grandchildren.

Now on Generation Three, the story focuses on Penelope McNamara, a young witch with a long past that covers everything from the loss of her twin sister, to a coma dream, three husbands, and countless children.  You won’t want to miss this roller coaster!  Bring your tissues!

Noble Cause (on hold)

The story focuses on Daniel Reed, who didn’t get the best start in life but is determined to make the best of it anyway. This is a legacy about second chances, starting over, and remembering the best laid plans don’t always work out the way you wanted.

Sutton Family Scrapbook (on hold)

I will follow the Suttons and report on their life, what’s going on, who’s getting married, who had children, who is graduating, etc.  That way, I can still enjoy playing the family without needing to come up with catchy writing and whatnot.  I can just play, snap some screen shots and keep you posted on the Suttons.


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